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The House of Hope devoutly serves Clarity and order

Lore of Grehen

The Mages of the House of Hope give themselves over to faith. Where the trickery of wizards has come to naught, where brute force is no match for overwhelming odds, the light of a pure heart may shine, and redemption may prevail. So it was with Zana, who came from the desert with no learning, no army, nothing but courage and belief, and overwhelmed a world, casting down kings and inspiring the downtrodden in their thousands. She never studied miracles, but when she needed them, they were there. So may it also be with you. The Mages of Hope are accompanied by Visions, lovely to look upon, who glide over the surface of the depths.

Gender: None

Height: 6 feet tall

Weight: None

Features: A variable translucent shimmer, a luminous and iridescent white body with a corona of stars. Visions can light a dark room by their mere presence. Even when their mouths are not visible (only their golden eyes are constant), their faint musical voices may be heard. They sometimes trail white stars or a snowy mist as they pass. Though they are waif-like and weightless, they are surprisingly resilient.

Culture: Visions may be manifest Hope, or an incarnation of past martyrs, they claim no knowledge of their origins, only that they exist to serve. An inspiration to many peoples, young visions patiently hover outside the realm of perception, lending a comforting hand in moments of crisis. The more good works the Vision is allowed, the brighter it becomes. Elder visions are the only ones other nations see. Mages of Hope may also be called: Heirophant, Beata, Prophet.

Ability: Visions walk upon water.

Foes: They stand against the dire shadows and all those who feed on Despair.

Arts: Prayers, hymns, chants and mantras.

Props: Visions are almost never seen to carry items of any kind.

Homeland: Visions never speak of their Eternal Home. The accounts of those who have been there and returned differ considerably. Some describe a vast golden palace with countless rooms, made entirely of light. They say that it is always growing and changing as more visions arrive. Some tell of a single ivory tower that spirals ever upward, through the clouds and heavenly planes. Some speak of a wide shimmering sphere of light, where all the visions that have ever been and will ever be are joined in a state of eternal grace. These learned djinni suggest that all visions are able to appear across time, and that they are able to hold an infinite number of forms at once.




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