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The House of Unmaking unleashes raw Strife into the world

Lore of Grehen

Wild, erratic, mad and deadly, Mages of the House of Unmaking concern themselves with unravelling, dissonance, discord, and folly. The Mage of Unmaking knows just where to yank on that loose bit of yarn, to bring all your plans, all your creations, and the fabric of the Universe itself crashing down in whirling confusion. Mages of Unmaking leave a twisting path of destruction and strange new forms behind them: most self-destruct quickly, but they are not soon forgotten. The Misfits, strange creatures cobbled together from disparate pieces, spring up in the Mage's wake. Some Misfits were once members of other nations, before being overtaken by the strange rebellious instability of chaos.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold..."
- W. B. Yeats

Gender: Male, female, hermaphrodite, asexual, neuter...

Height: 1 foot to 18 feet tall

Weight: 4 to 800 pounds

Features: Chaotic, random, contradictory, perverse and bizarre. Some misfits were once members of other nations, some are octapods, some are crystalline, some are amphibian. They may have wings, tentacles, pseudopods, eyestalks, arms, legs, claws, antennae, multiple heads, and numberless other forms. Some misfits continue to change, undergo mitosis, reproduce or suddenly die. Features? Yes, and how!

Attire: Anything and everything. Clothes, buildings, spittoons, odd bits of string, coconuts or the bodies of others.

Ability: Resilient and fearless, misfits have 9 hit points.

Foes: The control-minded Dwarves and their oh-so-self-important taskmasters over in the House of Making.

Favored Materials: Anything can be used for something other than its original purpose, and misfits use it all. Recycling chariots, weapons, tents and trees is fun once you understand chaos and decay.

Symbols: Every misfit's symbol is unique: one hand rampant, the bloody icicle, the ten red eyes, etc.

Culture: Misfits form the Fellowship of the Outcast and Unwanted. This fotoau follows the hobo's code. They are always be kind to one another, but look to the rest of the sad world with a sense of superiority gained from hard experience. None but misfits can truly understand the world and all its problems. They believe that only the weird will survive. One of us! One of us! Gabba gabba hey! Mages of Unmaking may also be called: Jester, Trickster, Chaoslord.

Arts: Turning a sandwich into a banquet, replacing statues with ten year old brie in a valkyrie's tin breastplate, changing species, the fish-slapping dance...

Props: All and sundry, but seldom in good shape or being used as designed.

Homeland: Wherever misfits hang their heads is home. The can be found most often near the heart of conflict and many live permanently in human areas.




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