Allies & Traitors release - 2/19/14

Please email support if you have any problems with any of this.





This client is NOT dependent on any of the previous Sanctum installs, so you can try installing just this on any machine and it should work. Also you don't have to worry about having any other Sanctum install on your machine, you can run old and new, as long as you don't drop these files into the same install directory of a previous Sanctum. You will only be able to play games against other players using this client. Also, if you want your old decks you will have to manually copy them from your current Sanctum install Decks directory to the INSTDIR\Decks of this install. The Debug version will be slow, but if you're finding bugs it will log them better.

Known problem:

  • Sometimes Sanctum will hang completely, after hitting the "Play" button when logging in, at a white screen, not responding. You need to use the task manager to kill it and try again, sometimes a couple of times, but it will eventually work.

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