Players are donating to the site to pay the server costs. Buy Drachas to do that. Currently 199 players have kicked in, thanks.


1/17/2016 - Status update - my home router is failing, which periodically cuts off access to the database, which makes pretty much everything not work. I'm working on replacing it, but that involves changing and reconfiguring a bunch of things to get access up and going again, so things might be shaky for another couple of days.

10/21/2015 - Just a status update to let everyone know the game's still going. After the A&T release there really aren't any other developments that are going to happen to this version of the game, we'll just keep it running, as is, as long as some users are still showing up and the server money holds out. There are some background tasks to do with the servers and moving the database around, but nothing that should change the user experience particularly.

2/17/2014 - Allies & Traitors is Live!! Download A&T.

1/21/2014 - We're now in the actual push to get a newly built A&T client into everyone's hands, hopefully fix a few bugs, release the A&T card set, start handing out Dracha prizes to reward activity on the site, and then send out a note to all the players that have found us over the last two years, but may have drifted off before seeing all the changes. See the Facebook group for current status and progress and to help. You can download the client here.

6/15/2012 - We've changed the card buying options in the store to make it much cheaper and easier to get the missing cards you need. There is now a "Smart Booster" that only has cards you don't have 4 of already, plus you can purchase all the cards in an entire House.

More details

This site is a community effort for running a low maintenance Sanctum server, a Digital Collectible Card Game originally developed by Digital Addiction in 1997 and then maintained and developed by NIOGA for 10 years. In 2010 NIOGA had to shut it down for financial reasons, so the game went dark from June 2010 until Dec 2011, when we brought up this version from old bits and pieces. Since then many fans have contributed their time and effort and NIOGA generously transferred over their software and player database, which let us reunite all players with their card collections. There's a mailing list and an active Facebook group for chatting about the game and volunteering your own time and effort to the cause.

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