What's New, What's Different

We're currently actively working together with the players, mostly via the Sanctum CCG Facebook Group, to figure out how we can make the game more interesting and sustainable than it has been in the past. Please join the effort if you have any interest in helping Sanctum stay active and stick around for the long term. We're hoping to come up with a format that will engage previous players and interest them enough to stay around and make Sanctum an active game community again. We're also hoping to come up with a friendlier introduction to and experience of the game for new players to hopefully convert more of them into active long term players.

We have several advantages for this effort over NIOGA's effort to keep the game going, the primary being developing a low-cost hosting solution that makes maintenance costs much cheaper. Those are being met just through minimal donations from the player community, in the form of buying the in-game currency of "Dracha" that they can then trade for new cards. That frees us somewhat from the "buy cards to play and compete" model Sanctum has always had, giving us the option to focus mostly on making the gameplay as interesting and challenging as we can, hopefully keeping the player base active and perhaps even grow it. One way we're doing that is allowing users to earn cards through gameplay, in an attempt to keep the site active and helping users progress towards their "suitcase" collections without the expense previously required. In addition, all donating supporters have access to a "suitcase mode" where they can play unranked games with all the cards, except for the newly released A&T set.

Primary efforts to engage players:

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