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Lobby Logins

We've added several different modes that players can play in, that are accessed by logging in to deckbuilder and the lobby adding a 3 character suffix to your normal NICK. The suffix is case sensitive, so make sure to use a capitalized letter code. In the examples, NICK refers to your usual username, so a user "cookie" would log in as "cookie--C" to play in Challenge mode. Note in both Challenge and Sealed mode, ALL games are ranked, regardless of game settings or your listed status. Everyone has separate ratings for normal play, Challenge play and Sealed play. When logged in as --C or --S your Rating in the lobby will be your rating for that mode. Before your first game in each mode you will show as "Unranked" and your rating will be 0 until you play your first game, at which point it will be set to 1500 and adjusted based on the game you just completed.

And yes, this will be confusing for the top twelve avatars, and the "Rank" listing in the lobby, as different logged in players will be listing ratings for different modes. Hopefully, eventually, we will be able to modify the Sanctum client itself, and not just the server, to better integrate this functionality into the interface and gameplay.

NICK--A All mode - Play unranked with all existing cards. Each player gets 4 of each card to build decks and play. This mode is only available to players who have donated something to the server.
NICK--C Challenge mode - All players get exactly the same cards to build decks from for play. Usually a limited set of Starter and Booster packs.
NICK--S Sealed Deck mode - Players get their own set of packs to build decks from for play. This is actual sealed deck where each player gets the same number of Starters and Boosters, but with their own random cards.
NICK--T Tournament mode - Plays using the current tournament collection, which is set by the tournament host.
NICK--B Beginner mode - Restricts your play and that of your opponents to only the Classic + Bloodlines cards in your own collection.
NICK--U Sealed test mode - anyone can assign themselves sealed packs of cards to play with. Use "#hoselist" to see the available collections of packs you can pick from, then use the ID number with the "#hose" command to assign them to your --U login. Players can do their own sealed challenges this way - agree what collection to use, #hose themselves, build their decks and play.

Lobby Commands

We've added to the set of Lobby chat commands to make some functions easier to access and to add access to some new ones.

#stats - Lists your profile and game stats we have for you: ratings, total games, ranked games, etc.

#account - Shows some account info: email, total cards, create date

#announce - Shows current server announcements

#list - If you're ranked it will change you to "Listed" status in the Lobby. You will need to log out and back in to see the update.

#unlist - If you're ranked it will change you to "Unlisted" status in the Lobby. You will need to log out and back in to see the update.

#talk NICK MSG - Sends the chat MSG to NICK in another realm or game. NICK must include any suffix, like --C, if they're logged in that way. The target user can chat back to you the same way.

#hoselist - Lists the currently defined sets of packs that can be assigned to a player for sealed deck play.

#hose ID - Use the ID number from the #hoselist command to assign packs to your U account for testing various sealed deck collections.

#bug DESCRIPTION - Report a bug.

#suggest DESCRIPTION - Suggest a new feature or a change.

#time - Prints out the local server time.

#help {CMD} - General help on the available Lobby chat commands, or more specific help on the particular CMD if the optional CMD argument is given.

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