Sanctum with Game Auto-Reconnect 1.70

Release Notes

Apr. 10, 2009

Welcome to Sanctum with Game Auto-Reconnect, NIOGA, LLC’s fifth major release for the online collectible card game Sanctum. This release provides:

Release History



NIOGA releases Sanctum with Game Auto-Reconnect


1.60 SP8

NIOGA releases Service Pack 8 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP7

NIOGA releases Service Pack 7 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP6

NIOGA releases Service Pack 6 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP5

NIOGA releases Service Pack 5 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP4

NIOGA releases Service Pack 4 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP3

NIOGA releases Service Pack 3 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.60 SP2

NIOGA releases Service Pack 2 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round

1.60 SP1

NIOGA releases Service Pack 1 for Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round



NIOGA releases Sanctum: 2004 Card Change Round


1.50 SP6

NIOGA publishes the Sanctum Rules and FAQ pages, with all-new content


1.50 SP6

NIOGA releases Service Pack 6 for Sanctum: Revolutions


1.50 SP5

NIOGA releases Service Pack 5 for Sanctum: Revolutions


1.50 SP4

NIOGA releases Service Pack 4 for Sanctum: Revolutions


1.50 SP3

NIOGA releases Service Pack 3 for Sanctum: Revolutions


1.50 SP2

NIOGA releases Service Pack 2 for Sanctum: Revolutions


1.50 SP1

NIOGA releases Service Pack 1 for Sanctum: Revolutions



NIOGA releases Sanctum: Revolutions



NIOGA releases “Bug Fix” 1.25.3 (Builds 81-82)


NIOGA releases “Bug Fix” 1.25.2 (Builds 76-80)



NIOGA releases “Bug Fix” 1.25.1 (Builds 35-74)



NIOGA releases “Bug Fix” 1.25.0 (Builds 01-34)



NIOGA releases Sanctum 1.24 Card Text Revision



NIOGA acquires Sanctum



Digital Addition releases Sanctum: Oppositions and Whispers





Digital Addiction releases Sanctum: Bloodlines



Digital Addiction releases Sanctum (Classic)

1.70 (1.70.46d) Release Notes

Apr. 10, 2009

Numbers in parentheses and bold font are NIOGA’s Beta bug tracking IDs.

Technical Improvements in 1.70

Version 1.70 represents a major evolution in Sanctum's underlying infrastructure.

Network (game)

Game Auto-Reconnect. 1.70 delivers a substantial new capability to robustly resume games in progress, even after either player briefly loses his or her network connection. The current implementation should handle most typical cases of accidental disconnection.

  • Disco begin. After either player disconnects (plus a lag time of up to 1 minute): The connected player sees a Wumpus dialog saying “Opponent disconnected!”
  • Countdown. The connected player must wait for a countdown duration (currently 30 seconds).
  • I Have Returned. If the remote player does reconnect during the countdown, the two game clients synchronize their game states, and the game resumes normally!
  • Disco end. Otherwise, the connected player sees an End of Game dialog, and may either keep waiting, or immediately end the game with a result of his or her choice. The “I Win!” button should handle most cases of deliberate disconnection (ahem). The other two buttons are provided for the most honorable of our players.


1.70 currently implements a subset of the complete protocol that NIOGA has devised for Game Auto-Reconnect. We'll continue to improve it in subsequent Service Packs.

Contents page

Null AI. The Contents page (after Login, before lobby) now features an AI button, which lets you play a solitaire game against the computer. Just like in a 2-player game, you choose the map, and your deck. You also choose the AI's house, and the side that starts with Initiative (or random). Currently, we offer one AI:

  • Null AI. This minimalist AI never issues any orders. It never trains recruits, casts spells, nor moves its Horde. It takes a novice player to beat it, and a highly skilled player to lose to it!

  XML. NIOGA adds full support for XML data files. Sanctum and DeckBuilder now store various text data in XML format.

As of 1.70, Sanctum requires MSXML 6.0 or higher to be installed on the host PC. The Sanctum installer includes MSXML 6.0.

  Bitmap graphics. NIOGA has re-implemented its bitmap graphics class from scratch. The new implementation is nigh-optimal in speed and size, with roughly double the raw bit-blt throughput as before, and it correctly handles all color depths from 2-bit to 24-bit, with automatic color depth conversion when necessary. We have rewritten some graphics algorithms, e.g. for minion auras, to massively improve their aesthetics and speed.

We can now imprint text onto a bitmap. See the Game Auto-Reconnect buttons above, and numeric mana below.

(0705c) We have substantially optimized group sprite blitting to eliminate redundant blits. You should see smoother graphics with less flicker while dragging groups around.

  Log I/O. We have massively re-implemented the logging module that supports our internal Log Viewer application, with more and better log messages.

In the next major release (or sooner), we will further extend this capability to provide a new capability of Verbose In-Game Feedback: the game engine will automatically chat a brief 1-line message to explain every significant event. Possible examples include:

  • Shell of Gold executes on Elf $19
  • Shell of Gold dispels Elf $19's Rite of Growth”
  • Elf $19 has 7/7 HP!”

Motto: The player shall not wonder why! We anticipate that such feedback could clarify some complex spell interactions, and reduce the number of spurious “bug” reports we receive.

New Features: Lobby/Game UI

chat (game)
(0826) Turn delimiter. In a game, the first chat output in each turn, from any source (local, remote, or the game engine), chats a turn delimiter line.
chat (lobby & game)

(0909)(1011) Chatter box. The chatter display box, in both lobby and game, now provides these features:

  • Auto-append. All new text is always appended at the end-of-text, no matter where you've moved the caret.
  • Auto-scroll or Anchor.
    • Auto-scroll. If the caret is already at the end-of-text (bottom), and the end-of-text is visible, then the chatter box auto-scrolls with new text to keep it on the screen.
    • Anchor. To disable auto-scrolling, just make either one of these two conditions to be false, i.e. manually move the caret anywhere else, or manually scroll upward using the scroll bar so that the end-of-text isn't visible. In this mode, the chatter box “drops an anchor”, which means it preserves your current position and selection. Any new text still gets appended at the end, and you'll see your scrollbar increase in height, but it won't interrupt whatever you're doing. Anchor mode lasts until you explicitly restore both of the auto-scroll conditions, e.g. by typing Ctrl-End to jump the caret to the end-of-text. Anchor mode replaces the old Scroll Lock mechanism. The Scroll Lock key is now ignored.
  • Arrow keys move the caret around. Standard navigation keys apply:
    start of line
    start of text
    end of line
    end of text
    scrolls up 1 page
    top of page
    scrolls down 1 page
    bottom of page
  • Left-drag selects any region of text. Shift-Left click widens the selection from the caret to your mouse position.
  • Ctrl-C copies the selection to the Clipboard. The chatter box is read-only, so you can't paste into it.
  • Hot URLs. Any text phrase that looks like a URL (i.e. begins with http:// or similar) is displayed as a URL, with underlining. Click on any URL to (open a browser and) navigate to that page.
choose deck (game)

(1017) Choose Your Deck! The deck selection dialog (before the start of a live or AI game) has two nifty enhancements.

  • Build Me a Deck! button. Click to open the Select House dialog (which is exactly the same as in DeckBuilder). Pick a house, and give it a name, and it will generate a random deck in that house, save it as a new .dck file in your current directory, and use it.
  • Esc retries twice. If you press Esc instead of choosing a deck, Sanctum shows a message and lets you retry twice. If you press Esc a third time, Sanctum quietly auto-builds a deck for you, and uses it, but does not save it.

game interface

(0948)(1005) Game clock options. Sanctum now lets players choose four different game clocks in the Challenge window.

On Expiration
On Confirms Orders
(by Faster / Slower Player)
At Start of Turn
Null Clock
never expires
Slower player's clock starts / stops
no change
Grace Clock
Confirm Orders
Slower player's clock starts / stops
Both reset to the grace period
Chess Clock
Slower player's clock starts / stops
Both add the bonus increment
Limit Clock
At start of game, both clocks start
Both keep running

Grace and Chess clocks count the time delta, i.e. the time you spend waiting for the other player. It is normal for neither clock to be running during the player orders phase.

Limit clock counts absolute time. It's essentially the same as a wall clock. It is suitable for tournament play with mandatory time limits for each round.

board (corners)

(0707) Clock corner. The upper-left corner now displays the current game turn, and both players' clocks.

(0705b) Group sprites now float in front of the skybar.

(0951) Menu | About. In the game menu, the About option now displays the Ponder dialog, with your current game's options.

(0972) Menu | Zooms. In the game menu, the Zooms option now lets you auto-close all spell zooms.

  • On (default) gives the same behavior as before: Enemy spell zooms stay open until you explicitly click on them.
  • Off causes all spell zooms to close automatically, with zero delay.

(0900) Zoom on screen. Modal zoom windows now always appear entirely on your screen, as close as possible to your Sanctum game window (no matter where it is). So you can always see them to close them.

(0903) Zoom on major monitor. If you have multiple monitors, zooms always appear on the monitor that has largest intersection with the game window's rectangle. If you move the game window “mostly” to a 2nd monitor, all your zooms will appear there.

mana bars

Sanctum mana bars can now display huge mana quantities.

(0686) Tens of mana. All six mana bars automatically rescale their range to the largest multiple of 10 that can completely display your largest mana quantity. A bar with negative mana is displayed with red digits, and grows “backward” (right-to-left).

(0786) Hundreds of mana. Each mana bar can display numeric quantities up to 999, and down to -99, without clipping.


(0783)(1015) Numeric mana. Large mana quantities now use a number + symbol notation.

  • Card casting cost, at 10+ mana (in both DeckBuilder and Sanctum)
  • Structure mana production, at 9+ mana
card UI

Sanctum and DeckBuilder now reuse more common code for card display.

(0789) Large card radio buttons. In a game, large cards now show the same 4 radio buttons as DeckBuilder, for spell, flavor, monster, and helper text.

(0651) Auto-fit spell names. In a game, small cards in hand, or in a zoom window, now display long spell names using the largest font that fits.

spell kernel

(0884) Potent recheck. During player orders, whenever you train or untrain a recruit in a structure, it now triggers a recheck of all potent spells on all members of that group (only). Potent spells are your own spells in hand that you have targeted earlier in the same turn, which haven't executed yet. All individual and group spells that fail this recheck are automatically uncast, and refund their mana.

So far, this affects only spells that have a group size casting restriction, i.e. Accursed Minion.

spell kernel

(0937)(1014) Blocked tooltips. During player orders, while you are dragging a spell in hand, if your spell is blocked from targeting (on a spell target) or discarding (on the whirlpool) by any active spells in play, then Sanctum shows a tooltip with the name of the blocking spell (or the first such spell, if more than one is blocking you). This replaces the old “Intercess” mouse cursor.
spell kernel
(0889) Potent auto-select. During player orders, targeting a spell now automatically selects the spell target, which updates the left sidebar and spell listbox.

(0081) Minion auras. Minion enchantment auras are now generated by a new sweepline/flood-fill/rebound algorithm, which eliminates the old algorithm's gaps and leaks.

A minion enchantment aura is now defined as the locus of background pixels within radius 2 from the foreground image, i.e. the subset of background pixels, contiguous with the right edge*, that are at distance 1 or 2 (orthogonally and diagonally) from any non-background pixel.

* We can't start from the left edge because of Pegasus's wings.

This produces auras of uniform thickness, regardless of the slope or complexity of the foreground image contours.

(0810) Monster yeek. A monster group that bounces during movement now plays a “yeek!” sound.

Numerous Revolutions spells have new sound files!

  • Abomination: Carbuncle, Devouring, Eat and Run, Fiend, Winged Monkeys, Brother Wolf.
  • Body: Eagle Spirit, Lion Spirit, Lizard Spirit, Shapeshifter.
  • Life: Cadre.
  • Making: Juggernaut, Minefield.
  • Nature: Back to Nature, Biting Wind, Earthquake, Gale Force, Icecaps.
  • War: Flaming Arrows.


New Features: DeckBuilder

(0913) Login default. The Login dialog now draws a bold outline around the default button: “Server” if a password is specified, else “Cache”. Pressing Enter is the same as clicking that button.


(0978) Tools | Options dialog. Persistent user options are now located here, instead of in the menu bar.

(0704) “Use Less Memory”. When checked, DeckBuilder stops caching intermediate card graphics, and empties its current cache. This reduces DeckBuilder's memory footprint by up to 2/3, at the cost of slightly slower scrolling in your coll bar.

(0982) Reopen prompting. If you open a file, make some changes, and then try to re-open the same file again, DeckBuilder now prompts you whether to discard your changes.
(0998) Empty deck. DeckBuilder now permits you to save a completely empty deck, with neither cards nor house. Such a deck is not valid for ranked or AI games. This mechanism supports future template deck files that could store non-card data, such as piles or deck-specific filters.

Tools | Show Unowned Cards. This menu command makes all cards in the game visible in your coll bar, even those for which your owned quantity is 0. This turns DeckBuilder into a complete card browser!

In this screenshot, Pixie doesn't own any Albatross or Altar of Blood, but she can still see their art and read their texts.


(0914) Sort by artist. The Sort Editor now lets you sort and filter by artist name.

Most of these artists have contributed new card art for the upcoming Allies & Traitors expansion set.


(0994) Player-contributed filterbar image sets. Right-click on any filterbar to show a popup menu that lists multiple image sets for that bar's buttons. Pick whichever set you prefer. Switch as often as you like!

F11 to hot-reload. DeckBuilder dynamically reads your filterbar image sets from a disk folder. Whenever we release new sets, just put them into the right place, and press F11 in an already-running copy of DeckBuilder, and it will instantly load them!

The User filterbar provides pre-defined filter buttons for tournament deck restrictions. The “B” button implements the Type B tournament filter.

NIOGA supports player-contributed filterbar image sets! This figure shows the “Neb's Expert” image set for all six customizable filter bars, designed by veteran player Nebuchadrezzar. If you are interested in contributing a filterbar image set, for one or more filterbars, contact us at


(0979) Autofit grid. Each deck grid now automatically resizes to fit its window frame, using your current tiling direction.

(0980) Status bar tiles. The stat tiles for the active deck now appear in the status bar (bottom edge of the main frame window).

(0989) Autoscroll. Whenever you add a card to a deck, or edit a card's quantity, the deck view scrolls automatically to make that card visible.

  • Tools | Is Preconstructed Deck toggles the current deck's mode between owned and precon.
  • A precon deck window has a dark gold background color.
  • The tile with a red border is the selected tile. Use the arrow keys, Home, End, PgUp, or PgDn to move the selection, or middle click or right click on any tile to select it.
  • Each tile in a Precon shows two separate quantities, used and max. Use < > keys, or left-click, to set the used quantity (between 0 and the max only).
  • Use 01234 to set the max quantity, or + – to change max by ±1. NIOGA reserves the right to restrict this capability to ranked accounts only, or other criteria.
  • You may use any cards when building a precon, even cards you don't own!

Precon deck editing. DeckBuilder provides preliminary support for preconstructed decks. NIOGA sees this as a major new capability in attracting and retaining new players.

NIOGA's vision is:

  • Precon decks shall be free for all players (even unregistered!) at all times.
  • Precon decks are separate from your collection. You do not need to own their cards. They are never added to your collection. You cannot add your own cards to a precon. You cannot combine multiple precons. Each precon stands alone.
  • All players (even unregistered!) can freely trim a precon by editing its used card quantities from 0 to each card's max quantity. This creates a proper subset of the precon. All players can save as many different proper subsets of a precon as they wish, and use any of them in a game.

Precon support will evolve steadily throughout the 1.70 branch.


Game UI Fixes

board (horizons)

(0679) She Cut Off Their Tails! Wide monsters (Doppelganger), or monsters with tails (dragons, Questing Beast), that protrude into a lower corner or side horizon, now properly erase their tails as they move. [1.40.29]


board (horizons)

(0705a) Tall art in horizons. The horizons (left, right, and top areas outside the playable squares) now preserve all tall terrain art (e.g. treetops) in all adjacent squares, regardless of nearby group movements.

board (corners)
(0977) Hidden corner trashing. If a minion spell with special corner art is in play (Orrery), and its host dies in combat while that corner is hidden by the combat sidebar, the corner art is properly updated when the combat sidebar closes. [1.60.07]
board (squares)

(1016) Tall art above squares. Terrain animations now automatically refresh their “final” image onto the board at the end of their animations. This eliminates leftover pixels in the “tall” region above their own squares. Affects: Volcano's plume, and Ghost Town changing town to colony.

(0821) Labor strike. Training and untraining a group of 1 in an empty structure twice in succession no longer causes the structure sidebar to cease background repaints. [1.30.27]

(0921) Exeunt selection. When a minion is currently selected in any* minion sidebar during turn execution, and it leaves its group (by death or any other effect), it now loses the selection (which erases its spells from the spell listbox). [1.25.46]

* In practice, this means the left sidebar only, since the Choose Minion sidebar is never visible during turn execution, and the battle sidebar never selects any minion.

sidebar (right)

(0878) Battle sidebar gaps. Shrank the battle sidebar to fix pixel gaps along each edge. [Legacy]

spell listbox

(0877) During player orders, if you uncast a square or structure spell, and then retarget it onto the same square, it now properly adds its name to the spell listbox. [1.30.21]

(0898) During player orders, if the spell listbox is showing exactly 1 structure, square, or globe spell in parentheses (indicating a spell you are targeting this turn), and you uncast that spell, the spell listbox properly repaints itself to empty. [1.60.14]


(0936) Squander junk.Squandered friendly spells now always erase their own targeting markers from minion tiles, group sprites, squares, and structure. [Legacy]

group (arrows)
(0881) Swamp blink. Swamp no longer causes its group's movement arrow to blink between red and yellow whenever you change its movement order. [1.50.16]
group (dots)
(0938) Dots background junk. If a group's square changes terrain (e.g. during spell execution), and then the group gains or loses any members in the same turn, it now reblits its new group dots with its new terrain's background. [1.40.27]

Bug Fixes for 1.70

Critical (Although Obscure) Fixes

Lobby Fixes

DeckBuilder Fixes

Game Engine Fixes

Card Fixes

Now takes a snapshot of all recruits on the board at the start of its effect, and applies its 'dies' effect to that set of recruits only, and only once each. If a recruit's death-effect causes a new recruit to be created elsewhere on the board (cf. Incarnate), that new recruit will always survive the same Apoc's effect. [Legacy]
Back to Nature
Decapitalized “To”. [1.30.00a]
In combat, Bard no longer plays his damage sounds if all of the damage is cancelled (Fae Gift, Faerie Knight, Unholy Aura) or redirected (Brother Wolf, Whipping Boy). [Legacy]
Bella's Sigil
Now extends its effect even into adjacent structure squares. If the structure is later destroyed, moves away, or leaves the board, and then a monster group enters or is summoned into that square, the Sigil triggers. [new]
Siren Song
Now extend their effect even into adjacent squares with invalid terrain. Squares with invalid terrain simply disable their attraction. But if those squares change to a valid terrain type, the attracting effect is instantly enabled. [new]
No longer causes his own group to move randomly. [Legacy]
These spells no longer automatically dispel when their host changes sides. [new]
When it triggers during combat in a Sanctum, it now erases the dead recruit's tile before drawing the new recruit's tile. [Legacy]


While Karkara is in play, its crew recruit group's position on the board moves with the Karkara. Relation monster groups who were chasing the crew group will chase the Karkara itself. This means Alabaster Guardian on the crew group will escort the Karkara, and Tindelhunden will chase (and fight) it. [new]
Lava Flow
Dispelling Lava Flow no longer makes its existing lava squares permanent. [1.60.07]
Master Vampire
Minion tiles of new Novice Vampires created by Master Vampire's effect now display their name as “Novice Vampire”. [new]
Added an explosion sound. [new]
No longer chats caster's own hand to the remote player. [1.40.18]
Now cancels target group's movement order even if its first recruit dies from Sandstorm's 1 point of damage. [1.40.17]
Sword of Zana
Sword of Zana II
Now dispels properly when the victim group's death effect causes the first member of the SoZ group itself to die. [1.25.58]
No longer shows a zoom for eligible groups that are skipped due to group size or can't-join effects. [new]
Terrain Bind
Deleted the hyphen. [Legacy]
Each minion tile in play now displays its name as Tindelhund”. [new]
Water Walking
Is now considered to be a version of Water Breathing. You may have 4 total of these two spells in a deck, in any combination. [new]
Now prefers the enemy group (of any kind) that has the greatest total number of enchantments (visible alterations or conjurations), counting each individual spell as +1, and each group spell as +N, where N is the size of the group. [new]
Skeletal Horror
These territorial monsters now move more often, usually every turn. [new]

Card Tweaks

Jade Gargoyle
When any individual spell is cast on a member of group, and does not cause member to leave the group, a copy of that spell is cast on Jade Gargoyle (as if cast by Jade Gargoyle's owner).
Soul Eater
When swordsman damages an opponent, swordsman gets +1 +N maximum and current hit points, where N is the amount of damage dealt to opponent.
Recruit cannot be targeted by non-friendly individual spells.
It eats (kills) all other recruits in its group, absorbs their maximum and current hit points (recruit gets +M maximum and +C current hit points, where M and C are the sums of maximum and current hit points of all other recruits in its group), and gets +1 armor.
H:10 A:1 HP:40 L:1 Nomadic, Mountainwalk. Neutral.

Text Clarifications

Adriel's Glamour
Adriel's Mantle
Blinding Orb
Cessao Rift
Chalice of Hope
Destiny Manifest
Fae Quadrille
Flying Carpet
Fog of War
Iron Shillelagh
Justicars' Reserve
Law of the Land
Rule of Law
Nihil's Curse
Nihil's Minion
Seal of Djai
Terrain Bind
The Well
Touch of Death
Xia's Walk
Duration: Turn Through turn of casting +n.
Haunted Forest
Primeval Forest
May be cast more than once (but is non-cumulative).
Justicars' Reserve
May be cast more than once.
Spirit Binding
When a new monster or monster group is created on the board, recruit copies the unaltered hand and missile damage, armor, maximum hit points, and level of the first monster in that group, and ...
Dryad's Favors
Vision Quest
Will o' the Wisp
... disappears for through turn of casting +n.
Faerie Circle
Lava Flow
Lost Mine
... for through current turn +n.
Hollow Jester

At start of turn, a random other recruit in group other than Hollow Jester gets Chaos Feature. Duration: Through turn of casting +N, where N is the number of recruits in group on turn of casting when Hollow Jester enters play.

Magnetic Accrual
(Every other recruit gets -A armor, where A is its armor on turn of casting when Magnetic Accrual enters play. ...)
Swordsman gets +N hand damage, where N is swordsman's hand damage on turn of casting when Warhammer enters play.
(0907e) Day of the Dead After all combat, for every recruit group that died in combat this turn not in a structure, a neutral group of an equal number of Skeletons is created in the recruit group's square, and Day of the Dead is dispelled.
On At start of turn of casting +3 (or earliest turn thereafter), if not occupied, Colony is dispelled (which destroys colony), group reappears, and is fully healed.
Ghost Town
Lienna's Steed
[flavor text: Added double-quotes.]
Shaman's Walk
[flavor text:] The shaman with strong Xa Macao can walk his her tribe across the abyss.
[flavor text:] ... but the Seelie court Court is a cloistered world, ...
Cessao Spiral
Shifting Sands
(This does not set off any death-triggered trigger any death effects.)
Altar of Blood
Change of Heart
Dryad's Favors
Exile / Exiled
Hollow Jester
Jumping Land
Karkara Crew
Winged Monkeys
Zana's Blessing
(This does not trigger any death effects.)
After movement, target group implodes (is removed from the game; this does not trigger any death effects), ...
(This does not trigger any death effects for the Furies.)
Jade Dragon
At start of turn, is removed from the game (which does not trigger any death effects).
(This does not trigger any death effects.)
Jade Gargoyle
(This does not trigger any death effects.)
Salted Wounds
[flavor text: Added double-quotes.] Journals Journal of Lienna ...
... (but keeps previous control by computer or player) ...
Bleak Isle
Bleak Isle II
On turn of casting, if any group occupies structure, group gains Waterwalking.
[flavor text:] Thud Thud ThudThud, Misfit, ...
Binding Cube
Group's movement orders are cancelled and cancelled, and it cannot be moved. ... Duration: Turn Through turn of casting +n.
Pact of Mystery
For each minion on either side that dies this turn, minion's owner gets +1 Mystery next turn. Each player gets +N Mystery next turn, where N is the number of that player's minions that died during the rest of this turn, and from next turn's "at start of turn" and "after start of turn" effects.
Loose Bearings
Members of group do not attack in their first combat round of attacks, and in every 2nd combat round thereafter. Members of group with only missile attacks, or both missile and hand attacks, do not attack in odd-numbered combat rounds. Members of group with only hand attacks do not attack in even-numbered combat rounds.
Receives -1 damage from swordsmen (before checking armor).
Receives -1 damage from minions without Flight (before checking armor).
Rogue Monster
Group becomes neutral (but keeps previous control by computer or player).
While Zana is in play, all monsters join her caster's side (but keep previous control by computer or player).

End of Release Notes 1.70.