Artists for the A&T set

As part of putting out the A&T set after we got the rights from NIOGA, I tried to contact and get at least a little payment from our card sales/donations to the card artists, as apparently they weren't due to be paid until A&T shipped. I got almost no artist info about the release with the handoff, however, so it's been hard to figure out.

Here's the contact info I did manage to scrounge, plus a list of the artist names/pseudonyms I couldn't figure out how to contact. Also, I'm not positive on which artists did which cards, but this list should be close. If anyone has info on any of the ones I don't, please send a note to to let me know how to get in touch with them. We did raise enough funds to pay all artists a token $10 per card that we're using for A&T, I just don't know how to get that to many of them. We also had some players "sponsor" a card for $20, where they got their $20 in Drachas but I also passed along the entire $20 to the appropriate artist.

Through June of 2018 I've managed to get in contact with and pay some money ($506 total, so far) to 5 of the artists, listed below. -- Jeff

ArtistContactedCards (97 total)
Nadia Asserzon yes (paid) 1 card:
Gifny Richata yes (paid) 13 cards:
Cannon, Destroy Creation, Garrote of Bes-Kandra, Greater Clarity, Growing Strife, Harm Monster, Mountain Dancer, Outcast, Quantum Mechanic, Seedbearers, Slave Labor, Slavers, Spiritual Advisors
Emma Salamanca yes (paid) 9 cards:
Book of War, Day of Mourning, Dwarven Airship, Faerie Glade, Field Armorer, Meditation, Pantogar's Dream, Recall, Strategic Withdrawals,
Kathryn Zalecka yes (paid) 4 cards:
Dehydration, Famine, Nihil's Touch, Road Building
Patricia Tesla yes (paid) 10 cards:
Breaking the Chains, Civil Unrest, Eagle Eyes, Horsing Around, Jungle, Maloch's Pact, Master Armorer, Pantogar's Failure, Smell the Roses, Xenological Study
Nicola Robinson sort of 4 cards:
Panic, Octagon of Force, Court Politics, Terrifying Mystery
Milica Acimovic / "Mili" nope 8 cards:
Aurora, Crucible, Fizzle, Granite Guardian, Korgian Loincloth, Natural Defenses, Overflow, Water's Gift
Aaron Panagos nope 14 cards:
General, Sar'uli Muzzle, Nightmare, Ozande, Mudslinging, Watersniper, Lethargy, Waste Not, Passing in the Night, Pinnacle of Order, ThudThud's Journey, Standoff, Defensive Pact, Appeal to Hope,
"Erick" nope 9 cards:
Charmed Existence, Force of Mind, Jester at Court, Perverse Speed, Song of the Doomed, Spy at Court, Trump, Unseelie Howl, Willing Supplicants
Dan Gant yup (donated) 4 cards:
Zana's Escape, Unstable Magick, Rule By Example, Preservation
"Ismar" nope 3 cards:
Boret'hu's Influence, Summoning Licensure
"aebot" nope 5 cards:
Abstention, Keeper Code, Vlad Hrothgar, ThudThud, Wild Abandon
"benm" nope 1 card:
Comrades in Suffering
"dodge" nope 2 cards:
Hailstorm, Mitosis
"Slaut" nope 2 cards:
Carnivorous Plant, Decoy
"Tyler" nope 3 cards:
Heartsong, Challenge, Utaban Brothers
"boleslav" nope 2 cards:
Adriel's Promise, Theralda Glaivesforge
James Parker nope 1 card:
Uncredited/Random nope ??? cards:

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