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The House of Life rejoices in the Clarity of the world

Lore of Grehen

The Mages of the House of Life have mastery of the force of life itself. Healing is their special art, and they have the aid of the faerie folk. Their art earns them welcome in the halls of the great, and their praises are sung by the elvish bards. Elves, people of Life, fearsome sharpshooters (+1 missle damage on first attack) follow the Mage of Life into battle.

Gender: Male and female

Height: 7 feet tall

Weight: 140- 200 pounds

Features: Elves are tall, willowy and graceful. Their ears are pointed, their eyebrows slant downward, and their long hair is white, copper, gold, silver or blond. Elven skin is fair, light and clear. Their eyes are luminous: grey, teal, green, violet, azure and amber. Some elves are perpetually enfolded in a faint blue-white shimmering aurora.

Attire: Impeccable cloaks, dresses and tunics with jewelled ornaments intricate brooches, diadems, clasps, and buttons are common.

Ability: Fearsome archers, elves get +1 missile-damage on first attack.

Foes: Mages of Death and their catspaws, the keepers of the dead.

Favored Materials: Silver, all crystals, linen, fine wool, amber, mahogany, ivory, birch, oak and granite.

Symbols: Sun, moon and stars, eagle, raven, serpent, hart, unicorn, birch, willow, maple and aspen leafs.

Culture: In the Seelie court, Lord Auberon and Lady Adriel rule as they have for centuries. Most elves are content with quiet lives, but elven archers, bards and healers roam widely. The Seelie court is a marvel of elven craft, but the most astounding treasures in the court come from the dwarven nation in gratitude for their Elven brides. Elves are talented trackers and patient hunters, sometimes waiting days for a clean and merciful kill. Mages of Life may also be called: Healer, Biomancer, Vivant.

Arts: Painting, drawing, portraiture, weaving, gardening, tapestry, embroidery, carving, filagree, tatting, composing, singing, glasswork, pottery, sculpture, dance, printing, anatomy, forestry, fletching and veterinary sciences.

Props: Pennants, ribbons, cloaks, brooches, harps, lyres, horns, feathers, bows, arrows, quivers, crystals, fine jewelry, silver boxes, mirrors, staves, lace and embroidery.

Homeland: Albion is a rich and verdant land. Mossy stones worn smooth in rushing streams, white cliffs, green mounds and standing stones, winter birches with pealing bark, aspens with golden leaves, weeping willows, stone houses, wooden markets, tall white castle spires, high gates and low stone walls appear to either side of the mighty Albion river.




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