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The House of Nature wields and preserves the order of the World

Lore of Grehen

Mages of the House of Nature commune with the great forces of the verdant wilds. Great beasts and small heed them, the wild winds and the silent vastness of the forests do their bidding. It is said of Thumafol, one of the oldest, that he never died, but mossy and oaken himself, became one with the great Grunwald Wood, there to slumber until needed again. Satyrs, the people of Nature, seem overly playful at first glance, but can be disciplined when danger looms, and are fine archers.

"Vaster than empires and more slow, our vegetative love shall grow..."
- Andrew Marvell

Gender: Male

Height: 4 feet tall when standing straight.

Weight: 80 - 100 pounds

Features: Satyrs have deeply tanned skin, piercing green eyes, tall pointed ears, short white horns, the head and torso of a man and the legs of a goat. They are hirsute, have large cloven hooves and a short tail. Their hair is coarse, brown and wavy.

Attire: Leaves, vines and berries.

Ability: Fine archers, Satyrs gain +1 damage at the start of combat.

Foes: Satyrs despise imps and their Abominable masters.

Favored Materials: Wood, feathers, vine, gut, berries and leaves.

Symbols: Grapes, horns, leaves and pan-pipes.

Culture: Gaia watches over the wild woodland anarchy. Faeries, nymphs, oriads, brambles, dryads, roanes, redcaps, bogies, brownies and lepracauns are just of few of her creatures. But it is the satyrs who serve her best. Satyrs will use any pretense to carouse and cause trouble. They are prone to laziness, debauchery, fellowship, drunkenness, brawling and occasional gallantry. Following the dictates of Nature is all that any satyr demands; great wine, voluptuous women and a good tune on the syrinx.... Mages of Nature may also be called: Geomancer, Witch, Woodwanderer.

Arts: Brewing, winemaking, coopery, piping, hospitality and storytelling.

Props: Wine, syrinx, casks, kegs, drinking horns, bows, arrows, and maidens.

Homeland: The deep wild woods, brambles, hedges, copses and forests. They sit beside idyllic streams and in the gazebos and vacant ruins left by other nations. They frequent menhirs, green faerie mounds, goblin markets and the forested fortresses of the Mages they serve.




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