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The House of Making imposes Order on the Universe by force of will

Lore of Grehen

Mages of Making are concerned with the fabrication and construction of magical devices and artifacts. Ever since Beobogh led them to the mountains and taught them to build strongholds and burrows there, the nation of the Dwarves has followed each Mage of Making with steadfast loyalty. (Dwarves' special ability is Mountainwalk)

Gender: Male and female

Height: Males are 3 - 4 feet tall | Females are 5 - 6 feet tall

Weight: 110 - 300 pounds

Features: Males are ruddy, stocky and rough-complected. They are bald from an early age. They tend to wear their white or grey beards, sideburns and moustaches long, some sport long braided hair. Their eyes are dark and reflective. Females show the influence of their elven mothers; they are tall, pale of skin, light of eye, and utterly enchanting. They are also very strong.

Attire: Dwarves favor metal mails (chain, plate, ring, scale, knit and woven), some of which are so fine that they resemble silk or satin. Precious metals are best, and the variety of patinas, colors and patterns are amazing. Women are always bejeweled and their long hair is held with fantastic combs and ornaments.

Ability: Dwarves live in mountain strongholds and casemates, and move through mountains easily.

Foes: All the misfits and Mages of Unmaking threaten the dwarven nation.

Favored Materials: Precious metals, coal, gems, ivory, hardwoods, carbon, iron, bronze, tungsten and steel.

Symbols: Forge, hammer, owl, shield, furnace, bellows and heraldry.

Culture: In olden times, dwarves lived in the forests. But a Plague of Unmaking drove them into the hills, and all the dwarven women perished. To prevent the dwarves' extinction, Adriel (the elven Protectress of Life) offered them several of her finest maids in marriage. And so began the modern age. Elves and dwarves are perfectly suited in temperament and longevity, but their offspring are not as Adriel had hoped. For every dwarven girl born, there are ten boys, and when the girls grow into women, they are invariably barren. The dwarves' need for elven mates has never decreased, but their own women are treasured above all things, even their elven wives. In addition to their beauty, spirit, and bearing, dwarven women have unrivaled magical gifts. Mages of Making may also be called: Arteficier, Spellsmith, Alchemist.

Arts: Mineralogy, gemology, heraldry, smithing, smelting, forging, mining, jewelry, armor and clothing design.

Props: Forge, armor, hammer, bellows, tongs, axes, gems, soot, steam, smoke, mines, furnaces, mail, automata, machinery, jewelry and helm.

Homeland: Dwarves live high in the tallest mountains, above timber and clouds. Plumes of steam and smoke rise constantly from their chimneys.




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