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Sanctum | Strategy, Sorcery, SubterfugeSanctum | Strategy, Sorcery, Subterfuge



The House of Abomination transgresses, by an awful act of Will plunging the Universe into strife

Lore of Grehen

Mages of the House of Abomination have given themselves over to unspeakable horrors. With sickening glee, they sacrifice whatever they once held dear, binding themselves as servitors to vile Entities — some from a mad lust for power, some from a thirst for vengeance — for o, what horrible cruelties they can unleash upon their enemies! The least of the beings given into their control are the Imps, a vicious nation with a cruel sting.

Gender: None

Height: 3 feet tall

Weight: 40 to 80 pounds

Features: Imps are bright red, hairless, sexless, three fingered, cat-eyed creatures. They have long close-set horns atop their heads, and two small spikes below their large ears. They have a long prehensile tail that ends in a venomous point. Imps’ legs are like the hind legs of a hairless goat, ending in large three-toed feet. The irises of their eyes are a sickly yellow green, with nictating membranes sometimes visible. Their teeth, noses, chins, brows, tails, horns and ears all end in points. Imps smell of rotting eggs and decaying fish.

Attire: None.

Ability: The sting of their tails gives the imps a +1 to their hand damage, but only on their first strike in battle.

Foes: Imps hate all satyrs and those vexing Nature boys.

Favored Materials: Sulfur, brimstone, blood, bile, mucus, lava, and anything that's good for nothing.

Symbols: Pitchforks and pointed tails

Culture: Mindless vandalism, random acts of viciousness and cruelty are the hallmarks of an imp’s life. Pointless vulgarity and a sense of comradeship reminiscent of Beavis, Butthead, Itchy or Scratchy. Imps think that thumb screws are toys and that intestines are just awesome for immobilizing faerie hostages. They like to snack on the tongues of those they are interrogating, and are notorious for killing each another with hideously impractical jokes. It is said that an Imp appears each time a sentient creature tells a lie. That might account for their vast numbers (though any are too many...). Mages of Abomination may also be called: Summoner, Faustus, Infernalist.

Arts: Graffiti, torture, crucifixion, accidental death and negligent genocide .

Props: Pitchforks, torture devices, iron-maidens, pentagrams, racks etc.

Homeland: Imps are born into a seething inferno. Most are destroyed the instant of their birth, but the luckiest devils among them get summoned elsewhere by summoners and Mages of Abomination. They are at home in any violent area.




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