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The House of Mind brings the Universe into clarity by the action of Will

Lore of Grehen

Mages of the Mind concern themselves with the conscious act of reason, the epiphany, and austere contemplation. Through study and meditation they gain the ability to control the minds of others, to see the unseen, and to change the very fabric of the universe. The Djinni, the most civilized of the nations of our world, typically ally themselves with the Mage of Mind. (Djinni float serenely above the ground, and thus have Waterwalk).

Gender: Male and female

Height: 6 feet tall

Weight: normally 180-200 pounds*

Features: Dark blue hair, amber eyes with black-slit pupils, and slightly pointed ears are universal djinni traits. The broad black markings called script, which line the djinni's blue skin, vary between individuals, however, with only the facial pattern remaining constant. Djinn with black script elsewhere on their bodies are thought to be more magically adept. Djinn view their ability to manifest script in the first hours of life as a sign that they are the most advanced of nations. Many djinni have a ruby, topaz or amethyst imbedded in their foreheads, it is a called a focus and aids the development of the Mind.

Attire: Arabic, Indian, Thai and Cambodian in style. Jackets, turbans, wide cloth belts and flowing pants in patterned white, gold, violet, purple, and yellow.

*Ability: Djinn can walk on water. Some speculate that they will the water to support them in the instant of contact, others suggest that they can negate gravity at will, still others think that they can will their mass away.

Favored Materials: Opal, brass, bronze, crystal, white and rose marble, glass, sandstone, terra cotta and silver, silk, satin, exotic feathers, onyx, lapis lazuli, pearl, nacre, chalcedony and alabaster.

Culture: Academe. The djinn society is divided into nine Schools of Thought. Each Academy concentrates on a area of different psychic prowess (the Kumatru Academy studies only techniques that effect the physical world). Once an infant is assigned to an Academy, she will engage in its disciplines until she transcends her body. Mages of Mind may also be called: Adept, Sage, Seer.

Arts: Calligraphy, cosmology, astrology, Moorish style architecture, gilding, tapestry, mathematics, navigation, bookbinding, mosaic and other Arabesque designs (all representations of the body or face are strictly forbidden).

Props: Scrolls, carpets, lamps, tapestries, minarets, peacocks, hooded falcons, astrolabes, orreries, fireworks,temple bells, gongs and chimes.

Homeland: Tall turrets, countless minarets and azure domes seem to stretch forever under a copper-green sky. Viziers control the weather and it is always delightful contemplative topiary mazes by the long oval reflecting pools and patterned courtyards. Flying carpets and colorful kites are often seen in the air.




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