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The House of Justice, shrouded in mystery, enforces Order

Lore of Grehen

Mages of the House of Justice do not choose their trade. When yet young, they are called. Leaving all they have known, they follow the path of their duty, learning patiently those mysteries which they must never reveal, and always guard: mysteries by which destinies may be changed, Fate held back, vengeance brought down like a terrible swift sword, or stayed. They are called to weigh, to defend, and to judge, in service of an unseen Order which is always preserved, always, though its agents, their service over, may be cast aside. They are served by the enigmatic Gargoyles, a mighty people, if closemouthed.

"Justice is like the hawk: sometimes, it must go hooded."
- Alan Moore

Gender: None

height: 10 feet tall when standing straight.

Weight: 2000 pounds

Features: These large grey winged creatures cannot fly. They beat their wings to sound warnings and terrify wrongdoers. Their arms end in huge huge three-fingered hands, their mighty leonine legs in larger three-clawed feet. Though their mouths and teeth are enormous, they are never seen to speak or eat. Many gargoyles seem to be colorblind, but their senses of hearing and smell are phenomenal. They can remain unmoving for many months at a time.

Attire: None

Ability: The mighty gargoyles have 9 hit points each.

Foes: They revile the mercenary humans and the amoral Mages of War, but know they must wait for an Ending.

Favored Materials: Stone.

Symbols: Scales, balances and polished grey stones.

Culture: Gargoyles are the silent inscrutable watchers who mete out justice in an unpredictable and chaotic world. Certain imprisoned malefactors claim that gargoyles must communicate on a higher level than any can perceive, and that they possess a subtle yet unmistakable sense of humor. Mages of Justice may also be called: Adjudicator, Legate.

Arts: Sculpture and abstract games.

Props: Stones, puzzles, scales, weights, measures, rocks, and sculpture.

Homeland: There are many accounts of the Well of Souls. Dwarven miners claim to have witnessed one gargoyle carving the figure of another from the Well's granite walls using only its hands. They suggest that when a gargoyle dies, its soul travels back to the Well where the figure it carved in youth comes to life. The Well of Souls is said to be bottomless, its walls carved with gargoyle faces as far the eye can see. Living gargoyles also rest here in their hundreds.




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