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The old ones say:

Lore of Grehen

That in the beginning, the earth
had but two brothers:
The sky and the sea.

The sky sang ORDER.
The sea nursed STRIFE.

There was peace between them,
but they were lonely.
So earth bore them each
a daughter.

The daughter of the sky was CLARITY, the sun
Who rose each morning
as fire and light and beauty.

The daughter of the sea was MYSTERY, the moon:
The dark sister of reflection and solace and shadow.

The sea lay himself before the sun
And reflected her beauty in all his being.

Thus WORLD (or power with) was born.

The sky grew dark and seized the moon
And forced his shadow upon her.
Thus WILL (or power over) was born.

The earth was angry and cast the spell of time
She brought the first being into her belly.

She put order in his mind and strife in his loins.
She put clarity in his eyes and mystery in his guts.
She put world under his feet and will in his hands

She bade him walk the earth in balance,
But something had gone wrong.
And the being split asunder into twelve pieces -
twelve nations -
twelve arcana -

And a war that never ends.




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