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Sanctum | Strategy, Sorcery, SubterfugeSanctum | Strategy, Sorcery, Subterfuge



Game States

Start of a Game

End of a Game

Winning the Game

Drawing a Game

Start of a Game. At the start of the game, each player has the following resources in play.

Depending on the realm, there are either 5 neutral towns on the board, or 4-6 neutral towns.

End of a Game. The game ends when either player captures the opposing Sanctum. You do this by moving a friendly recruit group into the enemy Sanctum's square. If your group survives or avoids all combats that turn, then at the start of the next turn, you capture it!

Winning the Game. If one player captures the other player's Sanctum first, the capturing player wins the game! Either player may also concede at any time.

Drawing a Game. If both players capture each otherís Sanctum in the same turn, the game is a draw! The players may also agree to a draw at any time.

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