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A minion is one single recruit or monster. A minion is always in a group. Each minion is drawn as a minion tile in the left and/or right sidebars, which displays its art and stats. A minion tile is a valid spell target.

Minion Tile and Stats. Each minion tile displays the following stats.

good health

Weapon art

bad health

worse health

Level stars

Terrainwalk stripes

Hand or Missile Damage / Max Armor
(if minion has one attack type)


Hand Damage, Missile Damage / Max Armor
(if minion has both attack types)

( Hand or Missile Damage ) / Max Armor
( Hand Dmg, Missile Dmg ) / Max Armor
(if minion has 0 attacks)

  • Health bar (left edge). Shows the minion's ratio of (current hit points) to (maximum hit points), with three tiers of color-coding. A full health bar means 100% hit points (undamaged).
    • Limitation: This visual representation doesn't show numeric changes in max hit points. If a minion's max HP changes, but its HP ratio remains the same, then there is no visible change in its tile, and you can't tell that anything happened. Example: If the minion goes from 7/7 HP (100%) to 4/4 HP (still 100%), there is no visible change.
  • Profile art (center). Shows a side view of the minion's face. This is determined by the monster type or recruit's nation. Some special recruits, e.g. Heroes, show their own profile art instead.
  • Weapon art (right). Shows a sword for a swordsman, a bow for an archer, and no weapon art for a monster (even if the monster deals missile damage). Some spells cause a minion to display special weapon art instead.
  • Level stars (bottom left). Shows 1 star for each level this minion has.
  • Terrainwalk stripes (bottom center). Shows one stripe for each terrainwalk this minion has, from any source, including nation ability, active spells, or non-visible spell effects. Exception: If this minion has Flight (which subsumes all other terrainwalks), then it shows the Flight icon instead of any stripes.
  • Damage(s) / Max Armor (bottom right).
    • The number(s) before the front slash show the minion's attack strength, i.e. the amount of damage this minion will deal to its victim for each hit.
      • If this minion has only one attack type (either hand attacks or missile attacks), it shows that attack strength only. Limitation: You must infer its damage type from the recruit's class or monster's type.
      • If this minion has both hand attacks and missile attacks, it shows both attack strengths, in that order, separated by a comma.
    • The number after the front slash is always the minion's maximum armor per combat round.
    • Limitation: There isn't any room to show the minion's number of attacks. Work-around: You can double-click the minion tile to open the minion help pop-up window, which does list the number of each attack. Exception: If the minion has 0 attacks due to spell effects, then its attack strengths are listed in parentheses.

Minion Data

Minion Tile and Stats

Minion Types

Recruit Classes

Spells, Recruits, and Profile Art

Which spells create recruits?

Which spells show special profile art?

Which recruits show special profile art?

When a recruit with special profile art changes its nation, why doesn't its art change?

Which spells change a recruit to a monster, or vice versa?

Minion Data

Minion Types. There are 2 types of minions in Sanctum.

Recruit Classes. There are 2 classes of recruits in Sanctum.

Recruit Class

Attack Type

Combat Rounds

Damage & Type



1 hand attack

rounds 2 to 10

2 hand damage



1 missile attack

rounds 1 to 10

2 missile damage


  • Some spells can create special recruits who are both swordsman and archer. Such recruits have both hand and missile attacks.

Spells, Recruits, and Profile Art

Which spells create recruits?

  • Dark Minion, Hollow Jester: These spell create 1 swordsman in a target group.
  • Dragon's Teeth: This spell creates 2 swordsmen of random nations in a target structure.
  • Ancient King, Bard, Bellwether, Brother Wolf, Sawbones, Warlord, all Heroes: These spells create 1 veteran recruit in the target structure or group.
  • Zana's Champion: This spell destroys a friendly structure and creates a strong Vision swordsman.
  • Jade Gargoyle: This spell removes a friendly recruit from the game, and creates a Gargoyle swordsman.
  • Narh'u'ha: This spell creates a unique neutral Djinn archer with some curious properties.
  • Rakshasa: This spell creates a computer-controlled recruit. It can be targeted anywhere on the board, like most monsters.
  • Nomadic Tribe, Volunteers, Zana's Blessing: These spells create new recruits in their group when a specific event happens.
  • Citizens' Militia: This spell creates a combat-hopper group of 4 Vision swordsmen.

Which spells show special profile art? Any recruit with any of these spells will show the spell's profile art instead of the recruit's default (or special) profile art. If a recruit has 2+ of these spells, the last-cast spell wins.

  • Visionary: Depicts a blindfolded male Cyclops.
  • Eagle Spirit, Lion Spirit, Werebear, Shapeshifter: These spells all toggle randomly between wereform and normal form. In normal form, the recruit uses its default profile art. In wereform only, it shows an eagle head, lion head, or bear head.

Which recruits show special profile art? The following recruits always show their own profile art, regardless of their current nation. Exception: If any of these recruits has any of the spells with special profile art, the spell wins!

  • Al Hakim, Diomesia, Djibari, Dracha, Fingle, Khobai, Lienna, Ngozi, Nihil, Olotus, Ogi, Zana: 12 original Heroes from Bloodlines.
  • Heartsong, Odar, Oro, Ozande, Theralda Glaivesforge, ThudThud, Vlad Hrothgar: 7 new Heroes from Allies & Traitors.
  • Bellwether, Brother Wolf, Hollow Jester, Jade Gargoyle, Narh'u'ha, Rakshasa: These are veteran recruits.

    When a recruit with special profile art changes its nation, why doesn't its art change? Because we don't have twelve different versions of profile art for each special recruit! Hence, Ogi will always look like a dwarf, no matter what nation he currently is (unless he has Visionary, in which case he looks like a blindfolded Cyclops). Work-around: Double-click his minion tile to open his minion help popup window, which does list his current nation.

Which spells change a recruit to a monster, or vice versa? None! Some spells appear to do this, but they really do something else, as explained in their card texts.

  • Karkara: Is a boardhop spell that hops a recruit group off the board, and creates a new monster group.
  • Lycanthropy: Replaces a recruit group with a monster group of wolves from Wolf Pack. When Lycanthropy is dispelled by any means, it replaces the monster group with a new recruit group.
  • Devolution: Replaces a monster group with a new recruit group of Misfits.

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