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Spell Targets

A spell target is any game entity that can be targeted with a spell.

For active spells, the spell target also refers to the entity that was targeted, which is now “hosting” the spell.

Minion Tiles
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Group Sprites

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Spell list box
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Spell Targets

Not Spell Targets

Spell Targets. The following game entities are valid spell targets.

  • Minion. Every minion tile is a spell target.
  • Group. Every group sprite is a spell target.
  • Square. Every square on the game board is a spell target.
  • Structure. Every town and colony is a spell target.
  • Globe. The globe icon in the upper-right corner of the board is a spell target.
  • Whirlpool. The whirlpool icon in the lower-right corner of the board is a (special kind of) spell target.

Not spell targets. The following things are not spell targets:

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