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Monsters and Behaviors


The Monster Mana Curve

Monster Rules


Territorial, Nomadic, Immobile


The Monster Mana Curve. Stronger monsters cost more mana to cast. A medium-cost monster is much stronger than a recruit in combat. Thus, the primary use of monsters is to kill off your opponent's weak recruit groups from afar.

More concretely, we can roughly classify monsters by their cost.

Casting Cost



3 mana

Usually kills 1

Boggart, Tree Man

4-5 mana

Usually kills a group of 2

Gorgon, Stalking Blyk, Werewolf

6-7 mana

Usually kills a group of 3

Huntsman, Man of Iron

7 mana with a drawback

Horde-crusher (kills 3.5 out of a Horde of 4, and survives)

Hellion, Minotaur, Obsidian Dragon

8-9 mana

Horde-crusher with a special ability

Brimstone Dragon, Sylph, Yfreet

Monster Rules

  • Monsters that are targeted on squares obey the same restrictions as all other square spells.
  • Most monster groups are computer-controlled. Some spells give you player-control over a monster group.
  • Monster groups never join recruit groups.
  • Monster groups never join each other. Some monsters explicitly state that they can join with other monster groups of the same type.
  • Monster groups never enter structures.
  • Monster groups never return from off the board into a structure.
  • Monsters do not have any terrainwalk, unless explicitly stated. Monsters suffer the same terrain effects as recruits.


Movement: Territorial, Nomadic, Immobile. Monsters exhibit the following general movement behaviors.




The monster is unrestricted. It can go anywhere on the board.


  • The monster has a territory of 3 x 3 squares centered on a home square, which is usually the square where it was summoned.
  • The monster will not move out of this territory.
  • If the monster is forced to move out by a spell or effect, such as sliding on ice, then the square where it stops becomes its new home square.
  • Clicking on the monster draws an outline around its territory in its owner's color.


The monster cannot move at all. It ignores all spells and effects that normally cause movement.

Monsters also exhibit many different specialized movement behaviors.

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