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Welcome to Sanctum!

What genre of game is Sanctum?

How much does Sanctum cost?

How long does a game of Sanctum last?

Who maintains Sanctum?

What genre of game is Sanctum? Sanctum is an online, turn-based strategy game for 2 players. It combines the cards of a collectible card game with the map and units of a board game. Its setting is fantasy-based: Cards are called spells, and you cast them by acquiring and paying mana. The game units include many fantasy races, denizens, and cultures, some of which are borrowed from Earth mythology, and some of which are original (so far as we know).

How much does Sanctum cost? Sanctum is free to download. You may create a free unranked account that has a starter deck of 60 cards. You may play for free as long as you like. There is no charge to chat or play. You may create as many free accounts as you like.

You may choose to buy Sanctum cards online. Packs of cards cost $2.99 each for 10 or 15 cards, with substantial discounts (up to 40% off) when you buy in bulk. When you buy enough cards for one account, the account becomes ranked. Ranked accounts can trade and play rated games. (Unranked accounts can't.) Purchases are completely optional.

Cards you buy become your property permanently. There are never any subscription fees or pay-to-play fees. Even if you take a year-long vacation from the game, your cards will still be here when you return. Sanctum preserves your entertainment dollar value!

How long does a game of Sanctum last? Quick games with "speed" decks are often decided in 10-15 turns, which takes 5-10 minutes. On the other end of the spectrum, two "attrition" decks may get into a 60-100 turn slugfest that takes 45-90 minutes. Most games seem to take 15-30 minutes.

Who maintains Sanctum? Sanctum is currently owned and maintained by NIOGA, LLC. Sanctum was originally developed by Digital Addiction (DA) in June 1997. When DA closed shop in Dec. 2000, a small group of avid Sanctum players incorporated themselves as NIOGA and acquired the rights to Sanctum. Since then, NIOGA continues to support and develop Sanctum. Despite being an all-volunteer workforce, NIOGA has developed and delivered the current expansion set, Revolutions, and many major bug fixes, and is currently working on the next expansion set and other major enhancements.

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