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MagistratesMagistrates' logo

Magistrates are volunteer Sanctum players who welcome new players, answer questions, and teach game play. Magistrates also have special powers to help keep the peace.

All magistrate accounts have a distinctive “m” logo.

Magistrates: Friendly Helpers

Welcome Wagon and Information Booth

Teaching the Game to New Players

A Challenging Test for Experienced Players

Keeping the Peace

Magistrates: Friendly Helpers

Welcome Wagon and Information Booth. A Magistrate's primary role is to answer questions and welcome players. If you have questions or needs, you can always ask a Magistrate. If the Magistrate doesn't have the answer, he or she will forward your request to NIOGA.

Teaching the Game to New Players. A Magistrate is always willing to play skill (unranked) games against new players, and to teach them the basics of playing a game. Some Magistrates will even let you win.

A Challenging Test for Experienced Players. If you're an experienced player but you're testing a new deck, try asking a Magistrate for a “competitive” skill game. Tell him or her up-front that you want a real test with no holds barred. NIOGA provides every Magistrate account with 4 of every card in the game, so you can ask a Magistrate to custom-build a specific deck type for you to practice against. Magistrate accounts can't trade.

Keeping the Peace. Magistrates have a secondary role as chaperones. When a player behaves rudely in public, or violates the Usage Agreement, a Magistrate is empowered to remove the player from the realm, or even banish the player to Volgaria.




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