Players now need to support the site to keep it running. Buy Drachas to do that. Currently there are 217 donating players.


The current Sanctum server is just a hobby project of mine. I kicked in the work and the money to get everything going and ran it for 6 months, but now everything is stable and the hobby phase is mostly over. Given that, I'm happy to keep the server running if the players want to shoulder the cost. The current configuration costs about $30 a month, so as long as that keeps showing up I'm happy to continue putting in at least the minimal work needed to keep the server up, and will periodically put in a bunch more work. The Buying Drachas idea is really just a fancy way to get and track donations from players, and as a bonus you can trade Drachas for new cards if you like.

I had nothing to do with NIOGA, so none of the money you paid for your cards in the past made its way to me or this server in any form. If you enjoy the server, want to play, or just want to help make sure it'll still be up in a year, and you have the means, please share the cost and donate. I personally am not making money off this server and have no plans to, and every dollar that comes in will go straight into paying the costs for keeping it up.

I'll probably add a few more incentives to encourage all active players to kick in at least the minimum $5, since if we get most of the 150 or so active players to do that we'll have the server costs covered for a couple of years. The first incentive is access to the "--A" all cards mode I first added when things came up and I didn't have anyone's collection data. Anyone who kicks in any money at all will still be able to use that mode, although it's changing into an unranked-game-only mode. For donating players I may also add an auction or marketplace feature, so you can put up extra cards you have for sale to other players for Gold or Drachas, since it's unlikely I'll be bringing trading back in the original form. I'll be treating both of those benefits as a yearly option, available for at least a year after you've kicked in money, just in case we need active players to kick in $5 again at some point to keep things going.

Thanks, Jeff

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