Deck Builder

The Deck Builder program is designed to allow you to organize you collection of cards and to build and edit decks. You may do this on- or offline, although if you purchase cards while you are editing your deck, you must connect to the server to update your collection.

The cards appear in the small card format – only the picture, with the name of the card above the art. Dragging your mouse pointer over a card in your collection will bring up the description of the card in the card description window. Right-clicking on the image of the card will bring up the large card format, which shows the card art, name, description, spell type, and spell house. To close the large art, click on the image of the card in the center of the screen.

The Deck Builder screen is organized into seven sections (listed here clockwise from the upper left-hand corner of the screen): The deck window; the deck sorting switches; the deck description window; the card description window; the collection filter switches; the interface buttons; and the collection window.

Your Deck
Your deck is displayed in the deck window. If you haven't built or loaded a deck, this window appears as a dark blue field with the words "Build your deck by dragging cards from your collection below." Dragging a card here from the collection causes the card to appear in the deck window. If you use all the cards of a given type from your collection, the card art will disappear from your collection window; removing a card from your deck will cause it to reappear in your collection. Double-clicking on a card will also move it from field to field.

Deck Sorting
The deck sorting switches allow you to arrange your deck by your preferences. The cards may be arranged alphabetically by name, by spell type, by rarity, by house, or by mana cost.

Deck Description
This is where the name you have chosen for your deck appears. You choose a name for your deck when you first choose a house or when you save the deck.

Card Description
This window displays the name, cost, and function of the card currently indicated by the mouse cursor. For instance, the spell Strength of Body would show the following text:
"Strength of Body - 1 World - +1 hand damage for minion"

Using Collection Filters
Your collection is displayed in its entirety at the bottom of the screen. Since it is possible to have several hundred cards, the filtering system allows you to remove entire categories of cards at one time. It is possible to filter by mana type, house, spell type, or spell cost. The button on the left side of the filter bar cycles between the four.

For ease of use in selecting categories of cards, there is a button labelled "Reverse Current Filters." This button would allow you, for instance, to select the house of War as a filter, which removes all the War cards from the collection, then click the "Reverse Current Filters" button, and all the other houses would be removed, leaving only War.

Another useful strategy is to select the primary and secondary mana types for your chosen house, then reverse the filters and choose your cards. The other button on the bar clears all the filters, showing your full collection again.

Deck Builder Interface
This column of buttons (Load Deck at the top down to Exit at the bottom) is used to manipulate your entire deck in various ways.

The Load button calls up the Choose Deck dialog, which allows you to select from the list of decks you have already made, or you can use the "Build Me a Deck" feature to create a deck from the cards you have in the house you chose when you initially created your account. You can then edit the deck you select, which appears in the deck window at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Save Deck allows you to save the deck you have been editing. If you have not chosen a house for your deck, the Choose House dialog comes up first. Using this dialog you can select which house to use for your deck (this determines what mana types are generated in your Sanctum and which nation your recruits are from), and you can choose a name or description for your deck, as well.

After you have chosen your house, Deck Builder saves your deck to the file folder created for your account. If a deck already exists by the name you have chosen, you will be asked if you want to save over the old deck. If the deck you are trying to save consists of less than 30 cards, you will be notified that your deck is invalid and asked if you would like to save your deck anyway.

The New Deck button clears the deck you are working on.

Pressing the Choose House button calls up a dialog allowing you to tune your deck to a house of magic. The twelve houses are represented by pictures of the Sanctums on large buttons. Pressing one of these buttons calls up a brief description of the nation associated with the house in question. This description is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You are also given the option to choose a description for the deck you are making.

The Update Collection button will connect you to our server and update your collection from the card store.

Help calls up this screen, and the Exit button closes Deck Builder.

Your Collection
The collection window at the bottom of the screen is where all the cards in your collection are displayed. Six cards are shown at one time, and the collection can be scrolled horizontally to look at more cards.

Below the collection itself, Deck Builder shows how many cards are in your deck and how many cards are in your collection (these numbers overlap; the number in your collection will only go down if you trade cards).

Below that, the program breaks down how much mana you will need to cast the most expensive card in your deck of a given mana type (for instance if you have the spells Apocalypse and Mirrored Armor both in your deck, you will have a maximum used Mystery of six and Will of four).