With Sanctum's Table of Contents

The Deck Builder button will load the program which allows you to build and edit decks. When you prepare to play an opponent, a dialog will come up allowing you to play one of the decks you have designed, or the program can build a deck for the house you chose when you created your account. Later, these autodecks will be available for you to edit through the Deck Builder as well.

The Play button connects you to the other players in the Great Hall.

The Buy Cards button opens your browser and connects you to our card store.

The Edit Account button opens your browser and takes you to our registration page, where you will be able to change the icon displayed in the Great Hall to represent your presence online.

The Trading button opens your broswer and connects you to Sanctum's card trading web site. Ranked players, or players who have spent $19 on cards in a single account, are eligible to trade with that account.

The Help button opens up this page.

The Exit button closes Sanctum.